We help you with your rentals on your terms

Have ever you thought about renting out your holiday property? Discover the benefits of renting out with StayNordic!

We know for a fact that your needs might change over time and therefore we offer you a flexible and safely managed vacation rental, which suits you in the best possible way. For instance, through our different service packages. At the same time, we provide the best conditions for a mamized income. Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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Why StayNordic?

Smart pricing – right price at the right time

The key to a successful rental is right pricing in the right moment. Based on our experience and knowledge, we help you to set the accurate prices specifically for your holiday home. As a complement to our expertise, we use our smart price tool, which adjust the price after demand in order to further maximise your income.

Safety – in case of unexpected events

When you sign a contract with MazingStay, regardless which service packages you have chosen, you’re guaranteed secondary rental insurance that covers cost of greater damages. We also offer a protection, in case of smaller damages caused by accident, for those of you that have picked the service package Medium or Premium.

Local presence – always close

The way to a smooth rental for all involved parts is local presence. Local knowledge, presence and collaborations generate safety for both of you as a host and guests. At the same time, we contribute together to the development of local areas!

We have also service offices in specific areas, which eases your rental process. Additionally, we have local representatives in many places across Sweden. They are eager to answer your questions and advice you which rental model is best for you in your area.

Freedom & Flexibility – your time is valuable

We know for a certain that your needs might change over time and therefore we offer you a flexible alternative to rent out your holiday home. For instance, through generous rental terms such as the contract’s duration, number of weeks for rental etc. Did you know that during your first year you are not obliged to have specific number of weeks for rental? Although, we are eager to share our experience of which weeks generate the best chance to bookings and how you with simple tools can optimise the chances to high occupancy.

Service - you choose which level

We offer different service models to meet your specific needs. You can choose between Silver or Gold membership and can freely change membership at any time of the season. See below:

Silver membership is an excellent choice for you who want partial support with the rental, but have the time and interest to e.g. greet guests welcome on arrival and arrange supervision and cleaning on departure.

We offer gold membership in certain regions and this is the natural alternative for you who want to let someone else handle everything related to your rental - from contact with guests to supervision and final cleaning.

We include rental insurance regardless of which service model you choose.

Smart marketing – we reach YOUR guests

We have carefully made the selection of resale partners, since your house is valuable for you and your guests. Our line is clever collaboration with right partners and booking portals. Your holiday home is displayed at handpicked booking portals and tourist agencies for relevant audience, which result in optimising your chances of more bookings and guests. This in combination with search optimisation, commercials and active marketing on our social media channels as well as our web site contribute to great visibility for right guests. That leads to good chances of many guests to your holiday home.


How much will I earn?

There are many factors involved, such as standard, location, facilities and the number of allowed adults but also the number of weeks open for rental. Please feel free to contact us and tell more about your holiday home. Then you will receive a budget from our local representative.

How do I cancel my contract?

You can terminate your contact with 60 days notification.

Is rental insurance included?


What do the Swedish tax regulations say?

You do not need to tax on your rental income up to 50 000 SEK. Find out more on Skatteverket’s website for more information.

Do you declare my rental income to Skatteverket?

The simple answer is no. It’s your responsibility to declare tax on your rental income to Skatteverket and it’s not that will be automatically done by MazingStay.

Can I swift between the service packages?

Yes! You have the possibility to swift to another service package whenever you feel like during the season.

What happens when I receive a booking?

You will get a notification by us via email or message.

What happens when a guest cancel a booking?

You have a great protection in case of cancelation of confirmed bookings as host at MazingStay. It means that you get compensation every time a cancellation appears. The compensation differs in regard to the number of days to arrival. For instance, from booking date to 40 days you get 30 % of you normal income. Further, from 30 days to arrival you receive 100 % of your income.

What are my obligations as a host?

It depends on which service package you have chosen. If you have signed up for the Premium package you can just take a step back and we take care of everything. For the Basic package we expect more from you and you need to handle most of your rental, such as guest contact, arrivals and extra service etc. Do you want to know more about our service packages or have other questions? Feel free to contact us!