Gotland – a favourite!

In our opinion, one of the very best ways to experience the island is to rent a holiday accommodation on Gotland. A perfect starting point to discover all that the island has to offer. Surely there is something magical about Gotland? Maybe it’s because in every other corner, you can find a piece of history. Or is it the cosy atmosphere combined with magnificent nature that meets the sea? The reasons are many and Gotland remains a place that you are happy to return to. Repeatedly!

10 sights on Gotland you cannot miss!

There is an opulence of things to see and do on Gotland. A lovely downside is that you hardly know which end to start at when it’s time to plan your holiday. But you can take a breath and relax. We have done the preparatory work for you and picked out 10 things to see and do on Gotland that you absolutely do not want to miss during your stay!

1. The ruins of Visby

Visby is full of historical footprints. An oasis for those interested in history and there are plenty of sights in Visby. Explore and learn more about Gotland’s ancient history on your own. A hint is to pay a visit to Visby’s ruins, where each has a unique building style. Here you also have the opportunity to book a tour.

2. Lummelunda Cave

If you intend to rent a holiday accomodation on Gotland a visit to Lummelunda cave is a must. The cave is also one of Gotland’s most visited attractions and is popular with both adults and children. Allow yourself to be impressed by nature’s own art installations, e.g. beautiful stalactite formations, fossils and fabulous cave halls. There is also the opportunity for guided tours

3. Raukarna

The word Rauk brings your mind directly to Gotland and is of course a must see when you visit the island. Raukarna is one of nature’s masterpieces shaped over time by weather, wind and water. Rauk fields can be found almost everywhere along the entire island’s coasts in all directions. A tip is to visit Hoburgsgubben on the south side of Gotland which belongs to the most famous rauk or why not see the virgin in Lickerhamn which is the highest.

4. Trojaborg

In Gotland, there are about 40 labyrinths where Trojaborg belongs to one of them. Trojaborg is a well-preserved ancient labyrinth made of stone located below Galgberget in the northern part of Visby. According to legends about how the labyrinth came to be, it is said that a young girl, the daughter of a king, was held captive in “Rövarhålan”. A cave located in Galgberget. The girl built the maze by laying one stone at a time every day. When it was finally finished, the prison guard was so impressed that they chose to release the king’s daughter.

5. Kneippbyn

Take the family on a day trip and visit Pippi Longstocking! Here in Kneippbyn’s summer and water park on Gotland, you will find Villa Villekulla. The original house from the making of Astrid Lindgren’s classic movie – Pippi Longstocking. In addition to Pippi’s house, which today is a play museum, there is everything from rides, pedal boats, bouncy castles to heated pools and water slides.

6. Gotska Sandön

Gotska Sandön – The only national park of Gotland can be found north of Fårö. The island is desolate but impresses with its mile long sandy beaches and dunes directly adjacent to the magnificent pine forest. The oldest trees are estimated to be about 500 years old. In addition to the unique nature, the island has a rich bird life and here you also have the opportunity to see seals enjoying the sun on Säludden.

7. Bungemuseet

A perfect excursion for the family or for anyone who is interested in history. At the Bunge Museum, you get to discover how life for the people of Gotland looked like in the past. The museum offers a collection of different houses from different eras and also ancient tombs. In addition to this, young and old can build their own bulhus out of puzzles and try their balance on stilts at Leikstuen.

8. Stora Karlsö

With only a half hour boat ride from Klintehamn, you reach one of Gotland’s best expedition destinations – Stora Karlsö! There are many good reasons to visit the island. One is the island’s impressive nature and rich bird life. Here you find the largest bird cliff of the Baltics. Not only that. On the island you can, among other things, enjoy beautiful orchid-covered fields and take part in its interesting cultural history. Here you also have the chance to book a guide and walk around the island and see the sights.

9. Gotlands Museum

In the middle of Visby you will find Gotland’s museum that is suitable for all ages! It offers treasure chests from the Viking Age and Gotland’s special statues. At the same time you can really immerse yourself into Gotland’s prehistory. Definitely worth a visit!

10. Seriegården in Lummelunda (Cartoon-Village)

Seriegården in Lummelunda is located just outside Visby. Seriegarden is the biggest collection of sculptured cartoons and fairy-tale figures in Europe made of cement. The sculptures are also placed in a child-friendly park and are a day-trip that most children highly appreciate.

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