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The smell of saltwater and seaweed, the sound of waves hitting the rocks and the view of the beautiful bare archipelago – welcome to the West Coast!

There are a handful of places that can compete with the beauty of the West Coast with its distinctive nature and well-preserved fishing communities. It is easy to figure out why the West Coast attracts so many visitors each year. After all, it is the place in Sweden that has made such an impression on the people of Stockholm, who during the early 20th century spent the summers in Bohuslän, that their dialect gradually changed. Nowadays, the letter “i” has a significant role in parts of the capital thanks to the Bohuslän-accent. We let this speak for itself…The West Coast is and remains a dear old favourite!

Experience Bohuslän in the summer near the sea and nature

A flexible way to experience the very best of Bohuslän during your summer holiday is to rent a cottage in Bohuslän or holiday accommodation. In the summer, the region is full of life and there is a vibrant atmosphere when Bohuslän shows its best sides. 

Regardless where you are in the region, it is always close to the sea and nature. One way to get a close experience of nature is to take a hiking trail. There are many options to choose from. For instance, Bohusleden, which goes from Lindome up to Strömstad and is a perfect choice for you who love nature. Another tip is to get to Kuststigen, which is often called Sweden’s equivalent of “Cinque Terre”. 

There are countless bathing spots around in Bohuslän. Although cliffs are mainly associated with Bohuslän, there are also a number of child-friendly bathing places. Below we suggest 5 child-friendly bathing places in Bohuslän:

1)    Almöns badplats, Tjörn

2)    Bovallstrand (Badholmarna), Kungshamn

3)    Capri badplats, Strömstad

4)    Gullmarsbaden, Lysekil

5)    Grebbestads badplats, Grebbestad

10 things to see & do on the West Coast

When you rent a cottage or holiday home on the West Coast, you have a perfect starting point for a holiday full of experiences and activities. There are plenty of sights and activities on the West Coast for all ages! We have made a selection and below we list 10 sights on the West Coast:

1) The Koster Islands

Kosteröarna is located just outside Strömstad and consists of two beautiful islands: Nord- and Sydkoster. You can get here by boat from Strömstad and here you can rent a bike. Further, the islands offer sandy beaches or take a bath from the cliffs. 

2) The Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn (Akvarellmuseet)

The Nordic Watercolor Museum is located very close to the water in the beautiful town Skärhamn, on the island of Tjörn. Do a day trip and enjoy the watercolour paintings or why not try to do some painting yourself. 

3) Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka is truly a summer paradise and home to one of Sweden’s most famous authors – Camilla Läckberg. The small picturesque town offers a beautiful archipelago, typical charming Bohuslän houses and bath spots.

4) Nordens Ark, Kungshamn

A favourite among all ages! Take a day trip with the family and walk around the park and watch the animals together.

5) Grundsund

Grundsund is a summer favourite where the harbour and the canal split the charming old fishing community. Did you know that large parts of the TV series Saltön were recorded here? Based on Viveca Lärn’s books. Definitely worth a visit if you ask us!

6) Carlsten’s fortress on Marstrand

Marstrand right outside Gothenburg is a great holiday destination and where Carlsten’s fortress rises on top of the island. Visit the fortress and learn more about one of Sweden’s most famous prisoners – Lasse-Maja. After the visit, we recommend walking around the island at your own pace among cosy cobbled streets and beautiful wooden houses.

7) Smögens bryggor

An absolute must during your stay is to take a day trip to Smögen’s piers at Kungshamn! Smögen is probably one of the West Coast’s most famous landmarks. Join us along the piers, drink and eat well, shop and enjoy fantastic nature.

8) Tanums rock carvings

Tanum’s rock carvings take you on a historical journey to the Bronze Age, where you can see thousands of contemporary prints in stone and rocks. In 1994, Tanum’s area with rock carvings got a place on the World Heritage List.

9) Havets hus in Lysekil

The west coast town of Lysekil’s most popular tourist attraction is the sea aquarium – Havets hus. A perfect excursion for the entire family! Also take the opportunity to see the small town that offers shopping and entertainment. There are also good swimming opportunities here.

10) Klädesholmen, Dyrön & Åstol

Three classic beautiful islands located close to Marstrand. Take a day trip to Klädesholmen, which is a must for all herring lovers! Dyrön offers fantastic nature and here there are hiking trails while the island Åstol contributes with charming streets and white wooden houses surrounded by barren cliffs.

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