Småland – deep forests, sparkling lakes and much, much more!

Renting a holiday home in Småland or apartment gives you the perfect foundation for a wonderful holiday! The landscape, which is characterized by beautiful lakes and tranquil lush forests, leaves you plenty of room for relaxation. Where red wooden houses with white knots clearly dominate and create the image of a “mini Sweden”!

Astrid Lindgren’s world, Näs and Filmbyn

Most people have some kind of relationship or memory connected to the popular children’s book author Astrid Lindgren and her stories! Many of the descriptions in her books are inspired from her childhood home “Näs” in Vimmerby and the surrounding area. A tip is to visit Astrid’s childhood home which offers both exhibitions and guided tours.

Filmby, or movie village, is located just outside Mariannelund and takes you behind the scenes to the recordings. A fun excursion for the whole family! See the places where, among other things, Emil in Lönneberga was filmed and take part in creating your own film

Astrid Lindgren’s world in Vimmerby is of course a must during the holidays! Here Lindgren’s stories come to life and here you can meet Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson on the Roof and many more of your favourite Lindgren characters.

Go on a moose safari and meet the king of the forest

Chances are good that you will either see or encounter a moose in Småland. The landscape is one of Sweden’s most moose-rich areas and home to around 30,000 mooses. So it’s not surprising that there are so many moose parks right here! Take the family on a memorable and safe moose safari. Below we have made a selection of some moose parks that is definitely worth a visit:

·      Skyllaryd moose park

·      Elinge moose park

·      Lagaland moose park

·      Smålandet Markaryds moose park

·      Glasrikets moose park, Nybro

Explore Småland’s design

One of Småland’s most popular tourist destinations is Glasriket – a magical area located in the forests between Växjö and Kalmar. Here you will find the base of one of the world’s most famous brands in glass art – Kosta Boda. Take the opportunity and go to Glasriket glassworks and see how glass art is created up close and you can also try blowing your own glass in one of all the glassworks. All mills have their own shops so here you have the possibility to find design glasses and art at a good price!

Älmhult is home to the world’s only Ikea museum, this is where it all started. Take part in the story of how the idea was cracked and the creation of the furniture giant that is Ikea! Älmhult was also home to the front figure Ingvar Kamprad. The museum offers exhibitions but has a permanent exhibition in three parts: “Our roots”, “Our story” and “Your stories”.

Discover the nature of Småland on foot

There are many hiking trails in Småland to choose from and a perfect way to discover the area for the day! Below we have picked out some options for beautiful hiking trails:

· The hiking trail through Glasriket and Mobergbygd

Follow in Vilhelm Moberg’s footsteps by foot or bike. The trail is 110 km long and for those who are familiar with Moberg’s novels will recognize places along the road from the books such as Duvemåla, Ljuda and Åkerby

· Dackeleden

An obvious alternative for those who like to combine hiking with exciting history. Dackeleden is approximately 30 km long and takes you through idyllic Småland landscape. Along the trail, you will also find information boards in Swedish, English and German where you can read about the freedom fighter Nils Dacke’s life story.

· Sevedleden

The Sevedleden is about 50 km long divided into four sections. In this area you will find Lönneberga where recordings of Astrid Lindgrens “ That boy Emil”  took place. You will also pass by Mariannelund on the way and the Kvill oak, which is one of Sweden’s largest trees!

· John Bauerleden

The famous artist from Jönköping John Bauer has given his name to the trail that leads you through beautiful woodland which is also said to be a source of inspiration for his paintings. The hiking trail is 46 km long and runs between Grännaberget and Huskvarna. Along the way you will see magical forests, monastery ruins and beautiful streams.

City life in Småland

Småland is a perfect destination if you want to alternate between nature experiences and city life. Here are several cities to visit and lots to see! Jönköping is Småland’s largest city and is located in the northern part. A tip is to get to the Tändsticksområdet (The area of matches) which is a beautiful historic district that you can visit all year round! Have a look among the shops and enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants. Here you can also visit the Match Museum, one of the three museums in the world that shares the story of the match.

Växjö is another lovely city that goes under the slogan Europe’s greenest city and is among other things known for the major investments in renewable energy. Apart from that, there are a lot of things to see in Växjö. Among other things, the Cathedral, the Linnaeus Garden and the Water Tower which is also called “Eco Water Tower”.

Other places worth visiting are the charming wooden town of Eksjö and the old town of Kalmar on the coast.

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