Sunny Öland & Kalmar

From above, it looks like Kalmar and Öland are holding hands, linked via the bridge Ölandsbron. Both places are two very popular tourist destinations worth visiting all year round! Surely there is something special about both Öland and Kalmar in the summer. In addition to proximity to beautiful nature, city life and the sea, both destinations are always at the top for most hours of sunshine in Sweden! Experience the best of Kalmar and Öland with one of StayNordic’s holiday homes as a base.

To see & do in Kalmar

The advantages of renting a cottage or holiday home in Kalmar are that you have a good starting point for making the most of your holiday. The charming medium-sized town is located on the southeastern coast of Småland surrounded by beautiful green nature. The perks of Kalmar are that it offers the most of things – everything from nature experiences to shopping and lively nightlife with a great selection of restaurants and bars. But perhaps the best of all – wherever you are in the city, you are always close to the sea and nice bathing spots.

Kalmar is full of historical marks and one of the most famous is Kalmar Castle. A well-preserved castle built during the Renaissance. The 17th-century cathedral, castle ruins and rune stones are other historical sights in Kalmar.

The best way to discover the town is to walk around the winding cobblestone streets or along parts of the remaining old city walls. In the city center, most of the wooden houses are from the 17th century and there are plenty of cafés, restaurants and bars.

If you want to exchange city life for nature, there are many areas to explore. Why not take a day trip to Kalmarsundsleden, which is a hiking and biking trail. The trail stretches along the coast and is 80 km long. Another tip is to experience Kalmar from the water. Here it’s possible to rent a canoe, kayak or SUP (Stand Up Paddle).

5 attractions on Öland

Öland is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations that attracts many visitors every year and it’s the perfect choice for families with small children! A holiday paradise with miles of beaches and always close to cooling baths in the sea!

In addition to sunbathing and swimming on the island, there is an incredible amount of other things you can do. We have made a selection and provide five recommendations on things to see and do during your holiday stay.

1) Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle is located in the city of the same name on the north side of Öland. Feel the presence of history and learn more about one of Sweden’s most important fortresses, where several battles have taken place during the Middle Ages and until the 17th century. Today, concerts and exhibitions are held at the castle, which is appreciated by young and old. The Swedish royal summer residence Solliden is also located within the castle area. 

2) Öland’s lighthouses

The island has 9 lighthouses from north to south where Långe Jan on the southern side and Långe Erik in the north are among the most famous lighthouses on Öland. It is possible to visit the lighthouses and experience the beautiful views of Öland. 

3) Sweden’s largest harvest Festival –

Every year during early autumn, the traditional harvest festival is held across Öland and attracts many visitors. Have a walk around and make stops at farms and take part in activities and buy local ingredients!

4) Trollskogen

The nature park Trollskogen is located on the north side of Öland and is, as the name suggests, a mysterious forest with twisted pines in a variety of shapes. With a little imagination, the pines can be mistaken for trolls.

5) Öland Zoo and Amusement Park

Why not take the opportunity to bring the family to Öland’s zoo and amusement park located in Färjestaden. At the park you can see animals from around the world and a dinosaur park with reconstructed dinosaurs in their natural sizes. In addition to animals, there are plenty of rides and also a water park.

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