Beautiful Österlen

Discover the paradise on the southeastern coast when you rent a cottage or holiday accommodation on Österlen! The landscape is as beautiful as a painting with its green hills, flowering fields and white sandy beaches. A perfect option for those who want to experience culture, cosy countryside and unique nature near the sea!

Sights & Activities

There is an incredible amount of things to see and do in Österlen. A recommendation is to take the car and just drive around along the crooked roads for the best experience! The surroundings offer old castle ruins, churches and beautiful gardens that send a greeting from the past. Another popular excursion destination is to go to one of the farm shops on Österlen and take the opportunity to taste and buy some local delicacies.

A must during your stay in Österlen is to see Ales stenar, which is located on the hill in Kåseberga close to Ystad. The sight is a stone installation from the Late Iron Age that consists of 59 stones that together make a ship formation with a magical view over the Baltic Sea and Österlen. No one knows why the stones are set up in this way, but there are plenty of theories. Some believe it is an ancient grave monument while others believe it could be an astronomical calendar. After the visit, we suggest having lunch at Kåseberga’s harbour and trying smoked shrimp, which is their specialty!

In Österlen, there are plenty of beautiful beaches that remind of the southern continent. Sandhammar is one of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches and has several times been announced as Sweden’s best beach. The 12 km long sandy beach is a perfect place for water sports and cooling baths for the whole family!

Another hint is to put on hiking shoes and take a trip to Brösarp’s slopes, which are located in the municipality of Tomelilla. The area is a trek paradise consisting of an outstanding landscape with green hills that meet the sea.

3 places to visit in Österlen


Ystad is a small town with charming old buildings and squares. Discover the town and walk along the cobbled streets. Here you will find everything from pleasant shopping to sparkling nightlife! It is also in Ystad that you will find the finest sandy beaches and bathing water. A perfect destination to combine swimming and a city weekend in!


On the southeast side of Skåne you will find Simrishamn, characterized by old fishing traditions with cobbled streets and colourful pastel houses. There are many exciting things to discover here! For example, Stenshuvud National Park with a fantastic view over the bay of Hanö. A recommendation is to visit the town’s art galleries and the Nordic Sea Winery.


The fishing village is mainly known for its apple juice and cider! In the spring, the region is incredibly beautiful as the apple trees are starting to bloom. The great apple market is also a must during your stay and takes place in September every year.

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